Social Project Management- Engaging for success

Only 2.5% of the companies successfully completed 100% of their projects- PWC survey on 10640 projects in 200 companies in 30 countries.


Project Management is one of those critical functions which need lot of dedicated efforts across different rungs of the organizational ladder. Success is a function of time and cost and any slip could result in the failure of the project. It’s often surprising that companies follow best practices, use PMBOK®– A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, have an array of techniques for controlling quality, risk, budget, schedule, and scope,2

use techniques like Critical Path Analysis, Planning & Scheduling methods but still projects fail. The reason for project failure could often be attributed to ‘Stakeholders’ disengagement’.

Using Enterprise Social Network, all parameters of project management could be kept in context: Conversations, key deliverables, content/ documents and major milestones. This would help to-

  • Collaborate across team (s) to decide on project scope, deadlines and deliverables.
  • Delegate tasks and define timelines.
  • Coordinate and complete tasks with teams
  • Identify issues & solve problems collectively
  • Monitor/ Track progress/ and update the tasks to prevent overrun of time & cost. Use analytics, data visualization to get better insight on the project status.
  • Less of email ( so less of mess), Fewer project meetings & phone calls
  • Ease in locating experts based on skill levels/ on recommendation by others
  • Easy onboarding of project members, knowledge sharing & Learning.
  • Engage better with teams, partners & customers through vibrant social communities. Use game mechanics for better engagement.
  • Content collaboration- Safe, Compliant & secure file sharing & sync (EFSS)
  • Enabling Mobility- Project teams have access to project resources on their tabs & Smartphones. Helping in building a mobile workforce which has flexible hours and could freelance.
  • Enable innovation through ideation. Crowdsource ideas to get the project done more efficiently.

Social collaboration could help in better project management- reduce cost and time overruns through better engagement, sharing & communication.

I am all pumped up to share more on how Social could change the way we work. Let’s clear the farrago and help the enterprise perform to utmost. Am sure the idea intrigues you too. How about giving me a shout?


Sanjay Abraham is an ‘Enterprise Solutions Consulting, Product Marketing & Business Development’ professional. He staunchly believes, ‘Digital Transformation’ could radically change the way business is done today and that presently Enterprises get just 43% value from existing technologies. His areas of expertise & interest include Enterprise Collaboration & Mobility, EFSS, Analytics, Enterprise Social- Social Business, Social Intranet, Social Onboarding, Social Communities, Enterprise Innovation Management, Social Product Life Cycle Management PLM, Social Project Management, Gamification & Engagement Loyalty. Sanjay holds a Bachelors in Engineering (Computer Science) and a PG Diploma in Business Management. He has worked with top names in the IT sector like Avaya GCL & Mahindra Satyam.  His client list includes top bracket names across Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, BPO/ITeS, Public Services and other verticals. His contact coordinates are: Twitter: @asanjay100 email: