Driving engagement Loyalty through Gamification.

Gamification is about using game mechanics into non gaming contexts like business processes- to enhance employee productivity, customer retention, partner engagement etc. Gamification is about using game elements & techniques for better engagement. It could help to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty of any website, social community enterprise application etc. 

Gamification Value adds

  • Better Engagement, Better sharing & collaboration
  • High-value interactions with customers, employees and partners.
  • Stronger collaboration, Better ROI, Deeper loyalty,
  • Engage employees, partners & customers

Benefits of Gamification

– Stop your communities becoming virtual Ghost towns. Engage better.

– Design process to make product, service, project or business process more   engaging, fun, sticky and viral. Make engagement loyalty a success.

– Enhance consumer, partner  and fan engagement

– Sales motivation, Social Commerce & Marketing

– Training and learning management

– Recruiting, Referral Programs & Employee onboarding

– Help/service desk efficiencies

– Crowdsourcing content & ideas.

– System adoption etc…and many more!

Poor gamification design could lead to failure. 80% of current gamified enterprise applications will fail to meet their objectives, largely due to poor design (Gartner). So its not just about the platform, the technology, badges or leaderboards  but also about a clear understanding of what people want and how the business imperatives could be addressed and driven to success.

I am all pumped up to share more on how gamification could add value into your business processes, communities- the enterprise and enhance the over all productivity of the organization. Let’s clear the farrago and help the enterprise leverage on gamification to enhance engagement loyalty. Am sure the idea intrigues you too. How about giving me a shout?