BYOD, Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise File Sharing & Sync (EFSS) & Enterprise Identity & Access Management (EIAM)

bulletThe key business drivers for Enterprise Mobility
bulletMicrosoft’s Nokia buy out- just another damp squib?
bulletEFSS– Building a successful content collaboration strategy


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My blog posts/white papers on Analytics best practices

bulletBig Data in India ( Covered most industries)

bulletHow to increase Subrogation yield using Big Data analytics

bulletAnalytics- the game changer for Telcos (CSP)

bulletRetail should be dataSmart

bulletWhy enterprises need a CDO (Chief Data Officer)

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My blog posts/white papers on Enterprise Gamification best practices

bulletBuilding engagement loyalty through gamification
bulletEnterprise Gamification: Get Your A-Game On ( featured in Innovation Insights)
bulletUnderstanding Enterprise Gamification: Is Your Business Strategy Like Chess or Wei Qi? (featured in Jive,
bulletEnterprise Gamification best practices ( featured in SAP & Jive community)
bulletEnterprise gamification for Software companies (ISV) ( featured in Jive community)
bulletMotivation works! Check my tweet RTed by Rajat Paharia (CPO Bunchball and Father of gamification)

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My blog posts/white papers and best practices- on Social Business #Socbiz/ Social Communities/ Enterprise Social Collaboration #ESN

bullet 10 steps to ensure social community success ( featured in IBM, SAP, Jive &
bulletDriving “People Excellence” through Social Onboarding. (featured in SAP, Jive &
bulletSocial Business Platform: Evaluation Checklist (featured in Jive &
bulletLets not make our social communities- virtual ghost towns.
bulletSocial Project Management- Engaging for success.
bulletWhat Social Business is not …!
Social Business- Engaging for Succesbullets!
bulletSocial Governance- is Smart Governance
bulletSocial Enterprise- Creating value at all interfaces
bulletaa1( In Hindi- India’s National language)
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